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The Straight Skinny On EyeEarn – SFI

November 16th, 2022

So you’re thinking about starting your own online business. You have been surfing the net looking for a “good opportunity,” and the name of SFI Marketing has popped up in your search engine results on more than one occasion.

Yeah, it’s kinda hard to miss us. SFI Marketing Group is the world’s largest affiliate marketer, with multiple programs and over TEN MILLION members worldwide. Yep, you read that right, ten million.

With that kinda power, SFI tends to be rather visible on the net!

Question # 1 : “Is SFI the real deal, and just how much is this get-rich-quick ‘opportunity’ gonna set me back, anyways?”

Fair question, so let me give you a straightforward answer.

First, let’s get something straight right at the start: SFI is NOT a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. It’s a legitimate business with a proven 10 year, wealth-producing track record. SFI Marketing Group is also a member in good standing with the Nebraska Better Business Bureau. SFI / EyeEarn is Free to join and test the waters.

Question # 2 : “What about all those ads I’ve seen talking about how SFI Affiliates are all getting these astronomical paychecks each month? I’ve even seen pictures of some of these SFI Affiliates proudly showing off some VERY large paychecks from SFI! Is that all a bunch of bull or what?”

Nope. It’s all true. SOME SFI Affiliates are indeed receiving fantastic paychecks each and every month. And SOME SFI Affiliates are still building their business and are receiving paychecks of just a couple of hundred dollars each month. And SOME SFI Affiliates will never make a dime with SFI…ever. Sad, but true.

SFI is a business “opportunity,” not a “guarantee” of wealth and success. That’s also the truth.

Let me illustrate what I’m getting at with a few examples.

Why is it that some students always seem to fail semester after semester, while other students almost always get straight A+ report cards?

Or, just take a look around your own hometown and neighborhood. Have you ever noticed any “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs out in front of where a small business once used to be? What about “Going Out Of Business Sale” signs? Yep, we’ve all seen ‘em.

On the other side, what about that guy who started out with just a small shop that is now a large, high-tech factory employing hundreds of people? He’s now driving around in a chauffeured limo, and flying to meetings all over the world in his own private jet!

Or what about that seemingly ‘average’ guy who just happened to have a “bright idea” one day, and was somehow able to turn it into a million bucks! Was he just lucky or what?